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Google's AlphaGo Handily Beats Teen World

In the first game, Mr. Ke made several moves that commentators said were reminiscent of AlphaGos own style. Wearing a blue tie and thick-framed black glasses, the ...

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Barcelona Has Some Pretty Cool Cars, And

Last week I was in Barcelona thanks to Volvo, who wanted me to devalue some of their first production XC60s by driving them. I was happy to oblige, and even happier ...

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What It's Like To Run 'The Hardest Stage In The

We in America are not particularly familiar with tarmac ralliestraditional rallies run flat out on closed public roadsbut in Europe they are some of the ...

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How Much Force Could a T.Rex Bite Deliver? -

Bone crushingextreme osteophagy in the scientific parlanceis a trait exhibited by just a handful of mammalian scavengers and predators today, including the ...

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